Tier 1 Investigation

Hello at my current job as a govt contractor I needed to pass a Tier 1 investigation. I started work and was eventually cleared. Investigation started July 2017 and I started August 2017. The security officer before clearing me asked me about a DUI in 2009 (court in 2010), and a DUI in 2015 (court in 2016). I thought the NACI Tier 1 only went back 5 years?? The one in 2009 and went to court in 2010 was still well beyond 5 years in 2017. In 2015 I applied for a job to go overseas and needed a secret clearance. The company withdrew its offer bc the process was taking too long and I had things to clear up from the Military (honorable discharge) in 2008 and a DUI in 2007 while I was home from Iraq. I read that the during the NACI they check if you have had any clearance investigations done. Is it possible that my current job looked at the 2015 secret clearance file and that is how they saw the DUI in 2009? But why not the one in 2007?? I have an offer for a NEW job that requires the same Tier 1 NACI and I am wondering if they will also have access to the secret clearance investigation and maybe will see everything back to 2008? Just confusing why my current job only went back to 2009 and why for a Tier 1. My secret clearance was not denied to my knowledge it was just not completed bc once the interim was not granted I pursued a different job.

One thing I forgot to mention. I applied and got selected for a federal job with the treasury. Required a public trust. Figures I’d be ok since I was told I had a public trust but tier 1. Long story short I filled out the sf86p I believe… They asked me about everything dating back to 2008 bc they saw in my secret clearance investigation I mentioned all of that. I was never told but I know it was a PT level higher than my tier 1 I hold now. But they rescinded their offer the other week even after I wrote a 3 to 4 page response to the letter of interrogatory. I’m just wondering at what point can they/do they look at other investigations that go back further or are higher levels than what you need?

Forgot I was in unsupervised probation for 3 years for the dui in 2009 sentenced in 2010. So I got off in 2013. Which brought it within 5 years of getting through my tier 1 process for my current job.

I will be filling out my paperwork soon… Any investigators have insight on tier 1 scope?

5-year scope on a T1. Not much to the investigation; it’s simply a database and reference check.
You can read the questionnaire: https://www.opm.gov/forms/pdf_fill/sf85.pdf

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Thank you! I didn’t expect to have an issue since I already went through it for my current job and nothing negative has happened.

While the papers may say 5(or 7, I can’t remember). The fingerprint check pulls up any charges no matter how long ago. 2 DUI’s can be seen as a pattern to the analyst working on your case or, they sent out the LOI for the second DUI and just included the first one since they already sending the LOI out.

As far using older investigations, it depends on how long ago is was and if it was completed and favorable. I switched agencies this year, had a T5 from 2018 completed and favorable but only needed a T2 at my current position. They were able to piggy back off it for those reasons.

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