Low Risk Public Trust/NACI — How far back?

First off, for those of you who have see my other posts this is an entirely different situation.

I currently work for USDA as a fed. I did a NACI back in 2010 when I started. I am leaving the government to be a contractor for USDA which again is a low risk NACI position. I have completed the OF-306 where I listed my DUI conviction from 4.5 years ago and the days served in county as a result. I think this will trigger an actual investigation and I will have to fill in the SF-85. Or will it since I am already a fed?? Do I have to do another investigation??

I know that form doesn’t even cover arrests, charges, or convictions but the fingerprints check and investigators will check into those things. How far back will they go (5yrs, 7yrs, “ever”)? Is it a certain time frame or will everything ever in my life show up on the fingerprints/background check?

I was open/honest about the incident but not about things outside of the 7 year time frame for which I was asked which wasn’t even a conviction anyway.
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If you had a NACI done by the USDA and it has been less than 24 months since separating from them you should not have to undergo another investigation. They would review the OF-306 and FBI fingerprint check and see that one DUI which is not a disqualifier for low risk nonsensitive positions.

Thank you @Marko for the quick response. My concern is that I have another DUI outside of the 7 year time frame so I was wondering if they would see that or not during the fingerprint check.

Also, I have not yet separated from USDA so based on what you said I should not need a new SF-85/background investigation.

The FBI criminal history check shows all arrests. Two DUIs more than 7 years apart is not an issue for the position.

Ok thanks. Yeah see that’s the problem the DUIs were actually about 3 years apart. One in 2011 (non-conviction) and the other in 2014.

There is actually a another arrest mixed in there but for some reason when I ordered my FBI history report (out of curiosity) it does not show the arrest but only that my fingerprints are on file with the probation/parole department in that state, which I assume they will ask what I was on probation for and I will have to tell them. It’s under a different name because the courts screwed up and never corrected the spelling of my name but that’s a whole other issue. Could be also that it was agreed that it would never show up upon completion of probation. But anyway…

The earlier event happened at the age of 22/23. I was pretty reckless back then, obviously. I’ve been under the radar because I was a fed with no clearance when all this happened but now I am changing jobs. This sucks. Mistakes are catching up to me.

And yes the other arrest is alcohol related… That’s my fear.