I recvd a TO on 12/14. I turned in my OF306 which list a 13 year old felony conviction for assault (had to list because I was on probation in the last 7 years 2013). Got an email today to go to agency for fingerprints and badge and to also initiate BI. This is a moderate Risk public trust. Will I be red flagged once my fingerprints come back since I have criminal convictiom and not allowed to start until my full investigation is complete?

If they reviewed the OF-306 and subsequently initiated an EQIP, then the conviction was not deemed adverse enough to not offer you a job. Generally speaking, most issues over 9 years old are mitigated by time. As soon as your application is completed, reviewed, and submitted to OPM you are eligible for a CAC or PIV and to start work.

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Thank you for your input. I was just nervous to start and then later on they make it an issue.


When you say as soon as my application is completed and reviewed, do you mean the SF85P?

At what point will they run my credit, interview me and send post cards to references? Will they allow me to work before all this is complete?

I’m scared to start before everything is complete but I guess of only things I report come up, I should be good?