Fingerprints for NSA?

New here. Going through the process of getting TS/SCI for NSA. I’ve read that the BI won’t start until fingerprints have been done. Here’s what’s been done for me:

9/21 - eqip submit
9/21 - credit check
10/21 - poly/psych
11/21 - ?

While I was in MD for poly/psych before I was allowed to go into the main building, I had to provide identification and they took my fingerprints while I was there before giving me the visitor badge. I haven’t been contacted for anything else involving BI or fingerprints so am I supposed to submit fingerprints in another way or were those the fingerprints that are supposed to trigger my BI?

My recruiter said I was in security review but I’ve got no idea what that even means and he’s been very little help on explaining that part. So I’ve got no idea if my BI is being held up due to no fingerprints or some other reason.

Hey. In “security review” means they got your SF86 and doing an initial high level review. If there are no glaring mistakes - your BI starts.
In terms of fingerprints, I think when they took yours initially is all they need, so you should be fine. And I agree, the recruiters there are lousy in communication but they still should be able to tell you when your file is being moved to BI from review.

Huh. I guess I figured they wouldn’t have released my info to do my poly and psych if they were still checking my SF86 over. My polygraph examiner definitely had a copy of my SF86 and she went through the whole SF86 with me before strapping me to the polygraph machine. Do the polygraph examiners normally do that with everyone?

I went through poly at two different places and both times they did that with me as well. So I guess it’s normal.

I never had to submit fingerprints again after going into that building to get my visitor badge. I think the fingerprints they took are the ones used for the BI.

Yes, that is standard practice.

The reason they go over it again is because there are cases where a lot of time has elapsed between initial submission of the SF-86 and the date of the polygraph exam, so there could be things that they might want to update. In my case, the time between the submission and polygraph was about 16 months (COVID delays).

Oof! Goodness! 16 months! My timeline seems to be going along fairly fast but still no contact from BI. I’m hoping that doesn’t take forever to happen.

Yes, fingerprinting is a standard part of NSA applicant processing.