Fingerprint Request?

I’ve seen people mention when they submitted these but when are these requested? I was never asked to get these done and my BI already started back in November. I’ve never had a clearance before to have them already on file. Should I reach out to someone and ask about them? I went back and reread every thing I’ve ever recieved regarding my BI and nothing ever mentioned fingerprints.

They will get them or request them when needed, if they haven’t been requested, dont sweet it.

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Ok thanks…I’ll just let it be because I made sure I didn’t miss anything.

If you enrolled for a badge prints are taken electronically and sent to OPM and then used for a subsequent follow on background investigation.

@Marko…thanks for the info. I’m not sure what you mean though. Enrolled for a badge? This is my first clearance, so I haven’t had fingerprints done at all ever for anything.

Fingerprints are required for the first clearance request for any level. Even if you have TS/SCI and you are submitting a new investigation for SECRET, so it’s your FIRST investigation for that level, you need to submit fingerprints.

How do I go about doing that? No one, recruiter or otherwise, has ever requested them or given me instruction on how to do so thus far.

When the time comes that they need them, someone will contact you.

There is really very little in this process that you can initiate on your own. It’s mostly, sit and wait, flurry of activity, repeat.

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@EdFarmerIII…ok, I will sit and wait. I just didn’t want that to become an issue when no one ever discussed it with me. I had seen from other persons where those are usually done at the beginning for the FBI checks. So I was wondering if that meant that part of my investigation wasn’t done yet, since no fingerprints. I’ll see soon enough as my Poly and Psych are both in the next 3 weeks.