Ultimatum on based on fingerprinting results

I started a job on the 21st that required me to get a CAC card. I went to get my fingerprints done and filler out an SF-85. I have a DUI charge on my record so listed this in the OF-306 form, this is detailed in my previous post.

My fingerprints popped as further investigation needed because of the DUI. I didn’t even get to submit the SF-85 and OF-306 because they had me send it to someone else for review before final submission.

The issue my contractor came to me with is that they aren’t allowing me to bill towards the government contact and not willing to wait out the investigation which they told me would take a year.

They aren’t looking to move forward with the investigation and my manager told me the conclusion they came to is I resign with 2 weeks pay or I’m terminated.

Does this sound like normal procedure? Something feels off to me but this is my first experience with any type of clearance.

Sounds pretty standard. For contractors it is their own discretion to continue processing your investigation based on the preliminary screening for suitability. It sounds like they’ve made the decision to not gamble on your clearance and let you go. You may try to find another contractor that will sponsor your clearance but yes itll take a while. They typically want easily cleared individuals or those with minimal denial risks.

But someone else should chime in on this.