CAC card not eligible until further investigation

Hi looking to get some insight here, I started working on the 21st for a government contractor, I’ve filled out an SF85 form and am needing my CAC card to be able to keep the job and actually get into my system.

I did my fingerprinting late last week and today my manager talked to me and let me know it was not granted until further investigation was done. They asked me to stay home tomorrow with pay and would update me tomorrow on where we go from here.

I have 2 DUIs charges that show up as one DUI misdemeanor due to the short time frame they occurred during in January- February of 2013, these are the only charges against me.

I’m feeling like I’m going to be let go, how likely does it seem I can keep my job?

Anything helps thanks for listening

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Did you list both DUIs and any counseling?

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Yes listed both, completed alcohol classes, 2 years probation, a year of a breathalyzer device on my vehicle and reinstated my drivers license.

If those are the only issues I think you’ll be fine.


You should be fine . . . The investigator that got your SF-85 isn’t going to take your explanation at face value. He’s going to look into it himself and pass it on for adjudication. You may end up delayed, honestly it could be weeks or months, but you should get your CAC.

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I’ve been able to get folks cleared with two DUI’s. 5 years old? I would not worry.

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Thanks for the reply, that gives me some peace if mind.

One thing that is getting to me is if it’s likely that the contractor itself may choose to not continue with me due to the length of time this may add to me getting approved for the CAC card.

The same thing happened to me this past October; I was escorted out of the building. (I was working with a visitor pass). Luckily the contractor I worked with put my on a different contract until my agency approved my investigation. The kicker is, from the day I was escorted out until the day I received my CAC was exactly 1 month. I received an email telling me my investigation was complete and scheduled for an appointment to get my CAC. Hopefully you have similar luck.

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They basically told me because my fingerprints popped up at all the government wouldn’t allow them to let me book my time to them. So ceased further investigation and either I would be terminated or forced to resign…

I’m surprised, for me the investigation continued. It’s just a matter of whether the contractor will keep you paid during that time. My company threw me a bone and put me on another contract and let me charge time to it until my agency approved my investigation. I’d ask about that and at worst see if they can keep you employed on unpaid leave. If you are denied what I assume is a Public Trust you should receive the reason in writing.

I thought it was weird and am wondering if they “threatened” termination but if they would actually act on it. Reason I say that is they told me they came down to 2 options, a) I resign and get the final two weeks paid b) I’m terminated

It sounds like they are trying to cover themselves in the event your Public Trust was denied. If they aren’t going to keep you paid during your investigation you may be better off looking for new employment. I started looking for a new job when I went through this and managed to receive a new offer 6 days after getting escorted out but that’s when I got put onto the “other” contract so I stuck around. I’d have the conversation with your FSO and program manager and see where they stand. You’re not the first person who they’ve hired go through additional investigation.

Seems to be harsh framing of the investigation if they simply need do more digging. That is not unusual at all. I have seen many denied an interim for “unadjudicated information.” Which simply means they found something someone needs weigh and make a decision on. It was never “decision-ed” And most come back favorable. So finding the 2 DUI’s they likely want to evaluate that aspect and weigh in. It would be a sign of a very immature company if they are fearful of client backlash if a person does not clear. That happens all the time, and each cleared client understands the clearance is personal and between the applicant and the investigation. We can use all the due diligence available and a person still lies and is not truthful on a clearance package. My client understands and doesn’t hold it against us at all. But I do screen and decline to submit almost 90% at times. I may go a few weeks before an interviewee gets a clearance package from me. We also report the stats weekly on how many interviews conducted and how many are given a package (SF86). So they know we screen hard.

Are you an Adjudicator?

I am not. I manage cleared submissions on a 390 person contract and have submitted over 140 since January. I developed a “much better than average” feel for who will or will not clear. And with very few exceptions when I submit a person they clear. Of course one cannot control for people who tell lies. But I build a close rapport with the interviewees to get to the nitty gritty details of what will or will not hurt their chances. I’ve also learned a tremendous amount on this forum. There are a few outliers here and there, but by and large the themes are well established and supported by the group mainly answering questions.

What is the number one reason for a person not getting a favorable public trust re investigation result?

The same question for a new public trust, is there reciprocity if I currently hold a public trust that is 10 years old if I transfer to a new agency?

Thanks for all your previous reply’s.

You can’t “hold” a PT, and if it 10 years ago since last investigation then you are out of scope and start from scratch. Not to mention, reciprocity cannot be given for a moderate risk investigation if your new position requires a high risk. You seem to want all the answers here on the forum. Perhaps you need to do your own research or query the responsible security office.

Hey Amberbunny, I already have a security clearance but applied for a second job requiring a security clearance with the SSA. How long do you think it will take for them to get something back saying I already have a clearance?