Tier 1 Adjudication -How long?

Hello to all,

I asked this in a different forum but perhaps would be good to get insight in the investigator side.

I was hired as a DOD contractor with a start dat of October 26. I have been at my new job with no access to a CAC yet and technically have not been able to work. When security ran my background, they advised me that OPM found something with my fingerprints. I am not surprised because I had a DUI in 2018 that was eventually dismissed and expunged from my records as of October 2019. I have been truthful this entire time advising both the contracting company and the agency that this may show up. I have also provided court documents granting the expunction. How long until I am cleared and can technically start work? Should I wait this out or find another job. :frowning:

My job requires the lowest risk to be able to perform my duties. I had no idea I would be in this situation at all. I am a bit frustrated

There are no timelines. Your final decision could take weeks or months.

Thanks for responding, seems I will need to look for a new job!