Finger prints and clearance for NAVY contractor

I am currently in my 9th month working as a contractor at a Navy base I was told my finger prints came back unfavorable but they could not tell me why my criminal record is clear I have nothing on my record I’ve already had the investigator come to interview me she told me about 3 months ago she was submitting me to ajudification I called OPM they told me my investigation is still pending my question is why was I not able to get a interm clearance and the FSO here does not want to get bothered so who else can I call HELP!

You’re not owed an interim. They don’t give them out the way that they did 20 years ago. You could have been refused for any reason and they don’t owe you an explanation.

On your finger prints . . . I don’t know . . . Were you ever printed before for any reason? I suppose it’s possible that you came up a “near match” in the search.

Yes i have worked for the United States post office and was finger printed at a sheriff office that is the only time so how long do I have to wait OPM did tell me that it has movement that they are working on it and just about everyone I work with have interms even though they haven’t had an investigation

It could just simple mean your FINGERPRINTS were unfavorable because they were not clear enough to run through the AFIS. See if they come back to resubmit the prints.

Well today I called OPM and they told me my investigation was closed on September 13th and that they sent it to adjudication and for me to be waiting for an email what does that mean am I good to go ?

It means they are waiting for an adjudicator to make a determination as to granting you a clearance. It could take several months to a year for that to happen. If you had nothing in your background or personal behavior you should be OK. Good news is you’re still working.

Today I got a letter stating my clearance got sent to DOHA? Why would that happen?


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