Maybe I am misunderstanding something with OPM

Hello all,
I have been posting a lot in the much bigger thread, but I figured with this question I would start a new conversation.
This week I have been conversing with my FSO and OPM’s FOIA line. Today is day 161 since my paperwork and fingerprint submission. I called OPM on Friday as I do once a month and the lady told me I should have seen my interim a long long time ago. I was still listed as “Pending” on their system though. She advised me to call my security office right away. I know that as of the Friday before this call my employer as not heard on my interim. Anyways, speaking with my FSO he said " DSS has still not received the NAC (National Agency Check) results. They requested them again per our request to expedite your case. Be advised 140 days is just the norm; many cases go longer for a variety of reasons." I called OPM back again asking if they finished my NAC or not and told me they are not doing a NAC on me, but a “Tier 3” investigation. The lady said that is the same thing. My concern is now, if DSS wants the results of the NAC for my interim, if this is going to take just as long as it would take for a whole clearance? I mean, if OPM is conducting this investigation in order to award a final clearance, but yet DSS needs that investigation’s results to just give a interim……I think something is not quite right in my understanding.
Regardless, I hope my FSO’s request will help yield something very soon. With them “Expediting” my case.

Does that mean you were granted an interim? Why else should you have seen it a long time ago? Seems confusing that the OPM phone line would give you information that is inconsistent with what the FSO can see in JPAS.

My employer does not see that DSS has decided on my interim. I think the first opm lady was saying that they had the right info to have dss decide on one. She said it was just my fingerprints and the like. I really don’t know though, as it seems like everyone’s info is conflicting.

Well, I just heard this from my FSO: “it is in the DSS queue awaiting review for interim clearance.” I am hoping that means that OPM has finished their NAC on me and I get to hear something very-very soon.

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Does anyone know how long this queue is? Is this a multi-day wait, or a multi week?

One last time bump - as I still have some standing questions. Thanks!

Could be days, could be weeks, could be months. The best answer to these wait time questions is that things just happen when they happen, there isn’t any good way to approximate the wait time.

I understand… my current issue is that my landlord has decided to sell my row of townhomes and has given me notice. So I now have a 30 day clock(started two days ago) over my head. I know I am in the final step to get an interim, but if this step is still going to take awhile then i am forced to plan…It most certainly has been hard to play this wait and see game. I am afraid to even order packages online, as I just don’t know when I would get the go ahead. See, this week is even finals week at the college I just graduated from. I could have stayed in college…earned a triple major…kept my self busy rather then going insane from bordam these past several months. Idk…I am just having problems staying enthusiastic about working for a system that seems to have so little regard for organization, time and policy.

I presume I’ll just keep on using this post to keep on posting my updates. It turns out that DSS might not have what they need to decide on my clearance. Despite one of my FSO’s stating that I am in a queue awaiting my interim clearance I am now hearing: “We have sent up several inquiries to attempt to get this reviewed by DSS however OPM has not send back your advanced package yet.” My advice now from my employer, since I have surpassed any acceptable timeline for my interim, is to contact my congressman. That is what I did today. I dropped off a letter, and the local-city office was very nice and sympathetic. WE spoke in length about my woes with the process. I expressed what I read here, explaining that it seems to be a huge funding issue. They told me they have a guy in DC that is tasked to handle these types of cases, and that I would hear back in a week or two. He even said that my congressmen, himself, will get on my case if need be. Hopefully something comes to light…my only hope now is that the power of a congressman’s office can get things going. I know my employer could not.

Never heard of that before.

Well, I am not sure. That is the terminology they have been using. I would asume he means the results of my NAC.

I have been suffering through this security clearance stuff for more years than I care to think about and I keep learning new stuff about the process. Used to be a NAC was completed so quickly you didn’t have time to worry about it, now everything seems to take months.

Well now something very weird just happened. My FSO got word this morning that my case is now “closed complete”. I guess this means I am now at the final adjudication step. Today is day 186…See the weird thing is I went all the way to close complete with out a interim decision at all, despite my company requesting one multiple times. I guess the silver lining is I might now be ahead of schedule as compared to other people right now.

Is your timeline from submission to current or from date investigation opened?

Since my paperwork and prints were submitted to DSS for processing. My open date was March 21st.

Thank you for the insight…

I am at 279 colander days since submission to OPM.

I have been googling a lot and I am not finding much info on this step, the final adjudication step. Does anyone know timeline information on this final phase? Evadently my case was closed out by OPM last Thursday. Also, everyone I have talked to about my doings has said, “oh, that means you already have your interim”…which I do not. Like I said I did not get a “No”. I just got a no response even after my employer asked for one 3 times. Does this type of thing happen often? How could there be this big of a bureaucratic failer? :confused:

I just saw that I was quoted on the blog. Very cool. I hope my case is informative to other people; as I seem to be a very special case. Though I still have questions myself. I heard from my congressmen’s office on Saturday morning. I am not sure they had anything to do with the statues change, as they sent their letter off to OPM last Monday morning. They told me it took until then for them to figure out where would be the best outlet to express my concerns. I was told they spent Friday and Tuesday calling about me, leaving messages; but they don’t expect a response until mid June. We also spoke about the policy of this mater. With DSS seemingly ignoring my FSO and their requests on my case. That it was possible my case(and others) could have so many issues. He said he took a few notes and will have my congressman fight for change. That it is unfair that so many people are in the dark. I cited this site. He told me that he will work with the congressmen specifically about this problem.

I got the great news! 203 days. So much waiting, but that is all behind me now. I get to be productive again. Thank you all for providing a great resource to calm my nerves and answer my questions while I wait.

@acox20 that is great news! I have been following these blogs for a long time, but this is my first post. I am in a very similar position as you, but I have actually been waiting 366 calendar days (or 253 business days) to receive an interim decision (TS). Question, was your interim for a secret clearance? Like you, I have contacted my FSO, DSS, OPM, and FOIA. My FSO is in agreement that this case is an exception to the rule, even with the current clearance process in shambles, it should not take this long to receive a decision. My next step is to write my congressman. I have heard in the past that this does not do much good, but in your case it seems like it may have helped. Do you agree? Could you (or others) provide any further assistance that could possibly help with gaining some traction on cases that seem to have slipped through the cracks?