Fingerprints unfavorable

I just recently started a position with DOD. After about a week of employment I was sent home and I was told my fingerprints came back as “unfavorable”. What other issue could it be if I was cleared previously by Hire Right which is used as a condition of employment by my contractor.

A pre-employment screening agency cannot run a nation-wide FBI fingerprint check on you. They only run local police checks in places that you indicated you have lived and worked. It seems to me you should know what is on your criminal record.

The only thing on my record is a felony from 2003 which has been resolved and was listed on my sf-86.

Depending on what you did, that may be a disqualifier for the position or agency. Your FSO should have been able to tell you more.

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@marko.hakamaa would the applicant have any appeal rights in this situation?

In most cases no, a withdrawal of a job offer based on not meeting the security requirement in the pre-screening process is not appealable, but there is not enough info in this case to know for sure if there was other criteria in play.

Thanks for your insight, i am still waiting on my FSO to give me more information. As of right now i do not know what it is. Could fingerprints from July 2016 be an automatic rejection if they were just run.

Other then the single felony from 2003 there is nothing on my record.

Were you upfront with hire-right and the job about the felony or did you only wait until the SF86 to reveal that? Recently I convinced our company to pursue clearance for a person with a felony from the same year. He has lived his life accordingly since, married, has children and putt he past long behind him. Part of my desire for moving forward was to observe it as a test case. He had a favorable interview with both the manager and me for Security purposes. He served no time, only paid a fine and was upfront about the entire situation. The rules say whole person and time mitigates behavior in most cases. But if you were not honest with the hiring manager that can be viewed negatively.

Question for everyone. I have recently submitted my finger prints for investigation. With zero criminal record at all they returned unfavorable. How is this possible? I have only had my finger prints taken twice in my entire existence. One for my current employer and one that returned unfavorable. Please advise. I understand that I can fill out a FOIA however in the intern I would like to gain some knowledge of how this could have happened.

How do you know the National Criminal History Check (NCHC) was unfavorable? Were you denied or had a a job offer withdrawn based on the results? Seems to me they would have informed you specifically why if that was the case. Go here to find out how to see your own record with the FBI:

It was likely the felony you mentioned that resulted in you being sent home. Also, something to remember, if you are a probationary employee anything the agency deems ‘unfavorable’ can result in termination of your employment. And typically, as a probationary employee you have no appeal rights.

You may want to consider consulting with an attorney in the state you received the felony in. Perhaps, if the law allows, you can have the arrest and/or conviction expunged.