Suitably Determination

Hey! I’m back! I posted many moon ago about concerns about suitability for fed employment. And of course my past is haunting me once again.

Long story short I was charged (non violent misdemeanor) in Jan 2018 and the charge was dismissed in Oct 2018. In Nov 2018 I received a favorable suitability and later a secret clearance. Clean record since and current DoD fed.

I have two tjo with other agencies, one agency said my current agency never recorded an adjudication and therefore I need to fill out the e-qip again and do finger prints again. This is for a low risk position, no clearance needed.

The other agency already did the security vetting and is working on a release date with my current agency.

I really want the position with the agency that asked for my finger prints and eqip again.

Do you think the agency could find me not suitable for government employment? Even though I’ve had a secret clearance since. I’m concerned because the charge is recent-ish.

Any insight would be helpful.

I would say it is unlikely that you would be found ‘unsuitable’ but their story about not finding an adjudication and needing new fingerprints sounds a bit odd.