Current federal employee change agencies and upgrade to public trust

While employed as a federal employee I was convicted of several non violent misdemeanors during a single event, a decade or so later I completed a sf 85 for my PIV card with out issue. The crimes were committed outside of the scope of the suitability check to be an issue I suppose. Still a federal employee and considering changing agencies to a position that would require a tier 2 MBI Public trust investigation. Will this process uncover my criminal history (13 years old) and will/can it create an issue with my current position if I am found unsuitable for new position?

Does this make sense?

Most, if not all, issues that occurred beyond 9 years ago are mitigated by time, it should not be an issue unless it is for a law enforcement position, then the offense themselves will be looked at.

Marko, thank you for the quick reply.
I am not applying for a LE position. The crimes were committed during a back packing camping trip, (no bear canister, illegal campfire, littering, fraud by statement, theft of government property) certainly an isolated incident and very regrettable, I paid the fines and have maintained an exemplary work record since. I worked for the federal land management agency that I was cited by at the time and I am now applying to another federal land management agency. Again, 13 year old incident, no other criminal activity before or after.
My concern is that these issues will come up and somehow preclude me from not getting the new position as well as losing my exsisting position, as I didnt reported them at the time. Does this seem like a reasonable concern or like you previously stated this would be mitigated by passage of time?
Thank you again in advance for your time and thoughtful response.

You would not lose your current position because low risk nonsensitive positions generally have no requirement to report. The hiring authority does not see investigative reports, only the adjudicator in the security office for that agency, and they are looking at whether you are suitable for federal employment with either a yay or nay to HR. You should be good to go.

Thank you for your time and expertise Marko. If selected, Should I expect an interview and to discuss my background beyond the nine years and the scope of the investigation? Last question.

Thanks again!

Anything outside of the scope of the questions/required information will not be discussed unless there are similar more recent issues or you bring it up yourself. If it is brought up then you just explain what happened honestly and it won’t be a problem.

Thank you again for your time, you have made me feel a lot more comfortable with process. If I have further questions I will be sure to ask and I will recommend this site without reservation to any and all who may be interested.