Job hopping and Security Clearance

Hello all,

Hoping someone can help. I have worked for 15 employers in the past 7 years; few seasonal and most of the jobs I stayed at for less than a year (avg. 6 months) with the exception of a few employers that I held down for a few years. Many of the jobs I was work at the same time for extra money, but left due to schedule conflicts with the long term employers I had (+3 years) never terminated from any of the jobs. No other negative history pertinent to investigation (ie: criminal, driving, credit or otherwise) just worked a lot.

Wanted to know if this affects my overall chances of obtaining a “Public Trust-Moderate” suitability determination? The job is for armed security contracting on federal leased sites.

Thank you.

I dont think it is a problem because this kind of work history seems to be increasingly common these days.

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The number of jobs one has had has no bearing on suitability or clearance eligibility processing as long as there is not a history of misconduct involved.

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I didn’t have any record of Misconduct at any of my previous employers; I was just concerned as to how the “Adjudicator” would view having a lot of jobs as “negative employment history” and would deny my final suitability determination for the Public Trust position.

Is it very often that individuals fail their Public Trust background investigation? Or am I just being overly anxious about the process?

The number of jobs one has had does not fall into any adjudicative issue categories. Just answer the questions truthfully and you will have no problems.

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Thank you for getting back to my question!