Non-Sensitive Suitability red flags


I am filling out my SF-85 for employment with the Dept. Of Interior, and I have noticed that here in the forums, if your NACI returns red flags, the employer can withdraw your offer without an adjudication. Can anyone tell me what kinds of things would return red flags?


Not an expert, but I think that means if they run your background check and it returns that you have active arrest warrants as a suspect in a child molestation case, or they learn that you’ve just been arrested selling cocaine, or you get arrested for industrial espionage for a Russian oligarch.

So like, blatantly criminal conduct where there’s no point wasting the time continuing the investigation and formally adjudicating, I’m guessing.

I heard that the only thing that is an automatic DQ is ongoing drug use. Of course your company has their own suitability standards.

Thank you both. I am applying for a job with a federal agency, that only requires a suitability BI. I do have two criminal convictions for DWI, both more than 7 years old. I guess I am concerned about what may disqualify me for federal suitability… Does anyone know what will prevent me from being employable?

Thank you very much

Everything depends on the job, agency, and clearance level. Low level public trusts tend to be on the more flexible end of the spectrum. Many people overcome 1 DWI conviction to land a federal job but I’m not sure about 2. The good thing about your situation is that they are more than 7 years old. However, you still have to disclose them because they are alcohol related offenses. Hopefully you’ve completed extensive counseling and have stayed sober as that will go a long way in mitigating concerns. Also if you have a good employment record since your last arrest that can help as well.

Thank you for the answer. This position has the lowest level I believe. It doesn’t even say it requires public trust.