Public Trust and DHS Suitability

Here is my situation. I have an offer from DHS that requires suitability and 2 positions with federal agencies that require moderate public trust and the other is high risk public trust.

I have a felony for involuntary manslaughter from 2003 (served 5 years in prison - released 2008) Successfully completed 5 years probation 2013. Filed bankruptcy 2009, good credit since the bankruptcy. Alot of credit, but current and not maxed out.

To add I got my bachelor’s degree in 2012 and my masters in 2015 and steady employment. I received a low risk Public trust in 2012 as a contractor.

Do I have a chance to get DHS suitability, moderate or high risk public trust?

I certainly can’t say if you have a chance or not, but the education, steady employment, and good credit all show a very positive change in life circumstances which is in your favor.

Thank you for your input…It’s hard but I’m trying hard to show my integrity and my journey to honesty and rehabilitation.