Public Trust - Moderate Risk

Had a lot of credit card debt. I contacted a bankruptcy lawyer, researched debt relief companies, etc. I ultimately ended up negotiating the debt with the credit card companies and paid the settled amount in full (it was almost 20k) two months ago. Additionally, I got a Drunk in Public about a year and a half ago. Will I get a Public Trust clearance?

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Maybe I should ask what are my chances for getting a Public Trust clearance? I’d be working for a contractor for the FDA. I have been working in a similar position (contractor for CMS - Centers of Medicare and Medicaid) for several years but they didn’t require a Public Trust. I’m very excited for this opportunity so I’m wondering if I won’t pass the clearance. Also, would it behoove me to get a lawyer?

Public trust is not a clearance. You have some hurdles ahead of you, but a lawyer is probably overkill.

Okay, maybe I put this question in the wrong category. Thanks for the reply. So, do you think that I have a good chance of getting the Public Trust? Is there an interview?

You will probably require a Subject interview for your Tier 2 (moderate risk PT) using the information you have provided.

Moderate Risk Public Trust Background

Position: Armed Security Guard- Contract


I am writing to know the following:

During the course of the investigation or at the end, who informs me about issues or indicates the result of investigation? The company or the federal agency? Send me email or letter?