NACI Background Check with Misdemeanor A

Looking for some knowledge or insight about passing the NACI background check. Starting the process for a NACI background check for a civilian contractor job overseas. I have a few issues that I’m sure will come up.

  • Just about 11 years ago I was charged with Felony D Theft for stealing some money from a friend. Charge was plead down to a Misdemeanor A for Conversion, which I believe is what Petty Theft is in Indiana. Got a year or probation and 40 hours of community service.

  • I do have a fair amount of student loans from attending a private college, but have never missed a payment or anything derogatory. Also have a bit of credit card debt, but again, never missed a payment. Only other financial issue that may come up is that I missed a payment on my car 5-6 years ago. Stupidly it slipped my mind and I missed one, but paid right away and haven’t had anything related since.

Since the theft issue, I’ve graduated college and held down a good, steady job with no discrepancies. Also haven’t had any other issues concerning a crime or even a driving violation of any nature. Curious to thoughts about my chances of passing the NACI. Any comments would be greatly appreciated.

NACI went away several years ago, they are now called Tier 1 investigations. From what you have stated here there should be no problem as the theft charge is mitigated by time and financial issues rarely if ever are a concern for Tier 1 level, and since you are not delinquent there is no issue.

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Thanks for the help! One more question, it’ll either be the SF-85 or 85P right?

SF-85 is used for Tier 1

Are the investigators concerned about exact dates of employment? I can’t really recall the exact date I started a job 7 years ago or so. I know the months, just not the day.

All dates on the questionnaires are Month Year to Month Year.

In my experience as an applicant and not an investigator, they seem to be more concerned with gaps in employment than precise dates.

Hey Marko, a couple quick questions if you don’t mind. I’ve seen on some of the other posts/topics where you have stated that anything outside of 9 years without any other occurrence is mitigated. Is that true across the board? Also, do the investigators look at the initial charge vs the final charge as my Felony charge was pled down to a Misdemeanor.