Credit check for NACI: 15k in revolving credit card debt

Hi: I am wondering if a 15k in revolving credit card debt (total credit limit of 150,000k) is going to be a problem for NACI.

In addition to that, I have a 110k mortgage and 5k in car payment
remaining. Total debt/credit ratio is about 42%.

I could pay off the revolving credit card debt but there is a 0% APR
and I might need the money for other purposes.

My gross salary is about 100k.

Is this going to affect my NACI? Thanks.

There are no credit checks run for Tier 1 (NACI) investigations unless you put on the OF-306 that you have delinquent federal debt.Financial issues in and of themselves are not considered for low risk nonsensitive positions.

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I just got an EOD for 2/20 for a Moderate Risk PT position. My stuff went to PSB on 12/23 and was completed 1/9. So that was about 2 weeks. I didn’t have a personal interview yet but since they gave me an EOD, does that mean the ran me thru FBI and checked my credit already and reviewed my SF85P.

I always get worried about starting without full check done.

I don’t have any delinquent debt (Although alot of debt) All current.

The criminal history check is the first thing done and depending on your agency, they will bring you on if it and your SF85P are clean while the rest of the investigation gets going.

Thank you Marko…

I listed everything. Just don’t want a situation where they fire me down the line…LOL

I keep thinking dI’d I get a traffic ticket over $300 that was dropped or dismissed and didn’t list it.

I’m certain I listed all my criminal activity. I’m sitting here stressing over missing a traffic ticket. lol

I listed my felony so I definitely wouldn’t intentiinallt miss a traffic ticket.

thank you, Marko. Is this wrong:

NACI (National Agency Check and Inquiries)—NAC plus written inquiries to current and past employers, schools, references, and local law enforcement agencies covering the past five years and if applicable, of the appropriate agency for any identified arrests. All DoD NACIs include a credit search.

This is from

My sponsor is DoD.

A credit check is not standard for a TIER 1, it must be requested as an optional extra cost unless the position falls into a specific category, e.g. child care workers. (Note the exception on Table 2 for when a credit check is required on a Tier 1).

The DOD Suitability and Fitness Guide states this: Tier 1 Investigation is the minimum investigation required for federal employment and is conducted for Low-Risk, Nonsensitive Positions. It consists of a NAC with the addition of inquiries and searches of employment, education, residence, and criminal history records during the past 5 years. Written inquiries are sent to current and past employers, schools attended, personal references, and local law enforcement agencies.

As you may note, there is no mention of credit checks for a standard Tier 1. As well, per DoDI 5200.46 the issuance standard for a DoD CAC is the standard Tier 1.

Thanks again, Marko!

As you move forward into positions of higher trust it can come into play. Overall, addressed and unaddressed debt are the main categorizes. If you are current on all debt, making payments as required, and your FICO is reasonable and average, credit should not stop you. If as you said debt equals 42% of your income…predictably your FICO reflects that in a lower number. if you are between 630 and 680 you are roughly average. The closer to 630 you are…you have dings. If you roll under 630…there you find problems. Once you fall under 600…you have damage. I recommend applicants conduct a creditkarma check to get a close approximation of the FICO score. It isn’t exact but tells you the general neighborhood. If you are showing below 600 there, you likely are no higher than a 615 FICO. Slow pays, late pays, unpaid bills, etc. Usually medical or school loans, and a tax debt. If delinquent on a federal debt it will be challenging to get through the system. You need be in a repayment plan with each creditor. Not planning to get in one, be in one. Make at least 3 payments to those you are behind in to really see a significant movement in FICO score. The two primary reasons we get denials or revocations with my client are finances, and recreational drug use.

Thank you everyone for their input/comments. My application is being officially processed as of 02/13. I’ll let everyone know of the outcome.