NACI Tier-1 and credit check

Hi everyone, I’m new here and maybe this question has came up before. I accepted an IT job with a contractor for a position they have with the Coast Guard. The job requires a NACI Tier-1 background. Everywhere, I read states that a NACI at the tier 1 level does not do a credit check, however, I got an email from a company called Data Facts regarding a tri-merge credit report and civil court case report that was ordered by the Coast Guard. I have no criminal history, but I do have bad credit. I don’t have delinquent federal debt either, although I owe the IRS which is on a payment plan and is current and being paid as agreed. I have a student loan too, but its all in good standing. I’m a bit concerned with the other areas of my credit though and wondering if I will be denied due to the credit problems. Or do some agency pull credit to make sure the students loans are in good status and there are no federal tax leans. It has been just a little over six weeks since being fingerprinted and I have yet to hear back from anyone.

Areas other than owing money to the IRS? I imagine student loans are rarely an issue when in good standing.

Financial reasons are the biggest reason for denials, by far. So you’re going to have a fun time if you have financial issues that aren’t in the process of being resolved.

Even though you have an agreed on payment plan with the IRS, you are still considered as not having paid your taxes.

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Thanks for the reply. Well, they are being resolved, but I can’t resolve all of them at once. I have payment plans for three items. One is a vehicle that was repossessed and charged off due to the transmission dying on me. Long story short it was a Nissan Altima with a faulty CVT transmission and I was less than 300 miles over the warranty and Nissan would not cover the cost. Couldn’t afford the $4-$6K for a new trans. I do have a payment plan on that account with a settlement amount of only $3.600. Two charged off credit cards that also have payment plans.

I did armed security for 8 years at an IRS level 5 site. That required a BI background and I owed federal taxes. They didn’t even mention it because I had a current payment plan. There is a difference between owing and being delinquent on federal debt. That’s why the OF-306 asks specifically if you’re delinquent on any federal obligations. I’m not at all concerned about the IRS debt. My concern was the consumer debt. The Coast Guard pulled my credit for a tier-1 NACI, but I’m not sure if they do that to identify any tax debt/liens or to check student loan debt. My BI was through the Dept of Treasury and I owed back taxes and was favorably adjudicated with owning back taxes.

Never said you would not be cleared. If you are 1 day late with federal taxes, with the exception of Deployed military, you are considered delinquent.

If you owe money to the federal government, you are delinquent.

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Okay well, as I said before, I owed the IRS and worked for the IRS owing back taxes…with a higher level background that a NACI. As I was told when I meet with the investigator back then… as long as there was a current payment plan it was not an issue since it was being mitigated. I guess at the end of the day as long as a person is trying to do something about instead of simply ignoring it.