NACI-federal debt

I have just accepted a position that requires a NACI only. This is a position for a NASA contractor. I have a squeaky clean criminal record, only ever received a speeding ticket years ago. The only skeleton in my closet is a rehabilated federal student loan. I fell into default, and used the rehabilitation program to get my loan back in good standing. Even though not required, I fully paid off my loan after two months on the rehab program. The rehab program begain in October of 2017 for me, and I paid it off in Nov 2017. In December of 2017 I was able to obtain an FHA loan, any my name was not listed in CAIVRS. I know that financials are not considered typically for a NACI. My question is, will this show up at all in my NACI background check? I will be sitting on site at a NASA facility. Will I have to address this past delinquent federal debt, since it has been fully resolved?


If you are current on your federal student loan then there is no where on the SF-85 or OF-306 where you have to disclose this information for Tier 1 investigation. And even if you did, it is not an issue for a low risk nonsensitive position.


Having a present solid credit score and nothing in collections is a great place to be. I concur with Marko. If asked if you had one go to collections, be honest.

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DUIs that’s fine, assault that’s fine, crime that’s ok. One delinquent account you’re not going anywhere. That’s all the information from this site in a nutshell. You heard it here on the internet so it must be true.

The majority of primary contributors here have been interviewing, screening, submitting people for clearance eligibility for decades. Literally dozens of years. Over time we do have a very good grasp of what will stop a clearance and what is mitigated. I’m not sure exactly what point you felt you were making. Are you disputing what was stated?


Nothing that you said is an accurate representation of what goes on here . . . Nobody says, “DUIs are fine”, but they ARE fine if they are in the past and you can show that you have changed your life. The same goes for other crimes.

The OP here is worried about a non-issue but he has no way of knowing that it will be a non-issue. People without experience think that you need to be perfect but we know that’s not the case. We know that you can get cleared with bankruptcies, foreclosures, loan defaults and all sorts of other issues. It’s talked about here every day.

So . . . What’s the ax that you are trying to grind here?


That’s what I thought . . .