Credit Check with Tier 1?

I recently received a job offer for a position with DHS. First they asked for a OF-306. I submitted that with all answers being no.
Then, a few days later, they asked for a credit release form and fingerprints. 2 days after submitting my form and fingerprints, I received instructions for filling out an SF-85 eqip. I have done that and submitted it.

I was under the impression that a Tier 1 did not require a credit check. Is that not the case?

I have ZERO financial issues (my FICO score is 780). I have never paid a bill late, never had a tax or any other kind of lien, and have never filed for bankruptcy, so I am not worried in the slightest about the credit check. I am just curious why they are doing it if the investigation is Tier 1? And I am wondering how much this might slow the investigation down? I am anxious to start this job!

My fingerprints check is a non-issue too as I have never committed or been charged with a crime, so I am not worried about anything. More so, I am just curious why they asked for a credit release if my level of investigation doesn’t require it?

This is standard procedure to see if you will not sign the release and are trying to hide something, they will not pull credit for Tier 1 on the SF85.

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Ah! I understand! Ok. Again, they can pull it every month if they want, I don’t care. I was just hoping it would not slow the investigation down at all. I want to start working! Lol.

Thank you for the response! I appreciate it.

Some agencies ask for a credit release for certain positions and run it themselves instead of asking OPM to run it. For a low risk position it would be a one time pull.


Credit Bureau reports can be generated in the Tier 1 investigation under some conditions, one being the Agency requests the credit to be checked as part of the background check.

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