When is the credit report pulled during a TS/SCI investigation?

It’s been 7 months since I completed my interview with the BI. This is not my first TS/SCI. I have a great credit score. I just want to have an idea when is the credit report pulled? Right before the clearance is adjudicated? Several months before? I don’t remember from my previous investigation when they did it. I remember seeing a Soft pulled with OPM named next to it. I work for DoD. When he interviewed me BI told me OPM was doing the investigations, not DoD.

Mine was pulled days after submitting my SF86.


If you did your interview already, it was already pulled. It usually happens around the time the form is submitted.


Thanks. I did not see anything on my 3 Credit reports, like in previous investigations. Maybe they’ll do it now without leaving a trail. I don’t have a problem with it. I’m just curious when the adjudication take place.

Maybe someone can answer a relevant question. If you have a credit freeze will that prevent the Investigators from getting your credit history?

I want to emphasize this freeze was placed by me and is one of those temporary ones credit agencies gave for free after all those security breaches happened last year. I have total control and can lift it when I want to apply for a loan or new credit card.


If your credit is frozen, you will be asked to unfreeze it in order to continue the personnel security process.