No credit check yet

Filed for SECRET level clearance Aug 17’ and had interview Oct 17’.

Many people going through the process have stated seeing a credit check pulled. My credit has not been pulled by anyone but banks/renter related etc.

Have yet to hear anything as of today after my interview.

Was wondering if anyone has any insights as to why my credit has not been checked? I am 23 with very little to no credit history.

Thank you,

Typically your credit, along with other record checks are pulled prior to subject interview…

I doubt that your BI would have called you in for an interview without your credit. You either missed it on your report, your report doesn’t show it because it was not being used to obtain credit or you haven’t quite applied for what you think that you applied for.

Have you filed your SF-86?

The interviewer seemed to have already pulled my records from multiple sources for reference in questioning a.e school, criminal, etc. Also, they were from CACI.

No credit checks showing on Experian between Aug and Sept.

Any other thoughts?

Yes, I had that thought as well. Seeing as it is a major component of any BI.

OPM for sure pulled your credit.

From my experience it shows up under the soft inquiry on your credit report. If you’re using a credit monitoring system it’s not going to show up. I saw it on my actual complete credit report from Experian.

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