Tier 2 Moderate Public Trust w/o Interview

Is it true this level of investigation no longer requires a subject interview?

Yes, unless there are things that need to be discussed. Interviews can be done by phone for this one, if necessary.

Great. Thank you. If the only derogatory thing I have is a recent Chapter 7 bankruptcy in August 2018, would that possibly warrant an interview. I know you can’t tell for sure but just asking.

That will absolutely trigger an interview. Pull your credit history report and take a look at your delinquent accounts on the report. I am sure you will have some as part of the bankruptcy. Be prepared to discuss and explain them. If you haven’t listed them on the form, volunteer them during the discussion. If you find that there are additional delinquent accounts outside of the bankruptcy, pay them off or make attempts to do so and save payment confirmations.

That’s the crazy part. None of my accounts were delinquent when I filed. I had nothing ever delinquent. I separated from my husband and before I got delinquent, I filed cause I was robbing Peter to pay Paul.

Had a prenup with my husband so he didn’t have to pay anything and I had to move out of the marital house. After all that, we reconciled a year later but o guess things happen.

Just check your credit report anyway.