TS/SCI Haven't heard anything nor have my contacts for almost 8 months

I’m waiting on my TS/SCI right now, but getting slightly worried.

It has been almost 8 months with September coming up. Did pre-screening with my company around November 2017, I put my SF86 in early January 2018. I got that my interim was denied early March 2018. Since then, just absolute radio silence. My contacts haven’t heard anything as well, I haven’t heard anything from a investigator, my one past manager hasn’t heard anything.

My current manager says it’s fine, no news is good news, though I’m still worried.

No news is just no news . . . It isn’t really good or bad. You can check your credit report and see if credit has been pulled. If not, there is little chance that your investigation has even started.

Nothing to worry about. Very normal.

So it will be a hard credit pull that comes up on my report?

It’s a soft pull. . .

For anyone who happens to google this question or something. If you were looking for a timeline like I was.

I recently just got contacted for the first time in early October.