My current IC timeline

Want to give my current timeline with an IC agency as a fed

Dec-2017- submitted application
Feb 2018- called for and interviewed
March 2018- COE
April 2018 -drug test and fingerprints
May 2018- submitted Sf86
July 5 2018- sent letter to explain credit report
July 26, 2018- granted interim TS

Hi, may I ask what you had to explain in the letter about CR? What clearance is this?

I had two potentially negative accounts on my credit report, one was a charge off and the other was an account sent to collections. They asked me to explain if they were accurate or not and what I am doing to mitigate the accounts. Also they wanted an explanation on why I had financial difficulties. The account sent to collections I disputed with the credit bureaus and had it removed from my credit report and the other I had already paid off the full balance.

That seems very fast! Congrats! A few questions that you may or may not answer:

  • Is the position entry level or more senior?
  • Is this a brand new investigation, have you never held a clearance before?
  • Is this for a typical TS/SCI FS poly IC position clearance?
  • Broadly assuming, you are a US native with minimal foreign contacts and a straightforward background?

I guess you can say this is more of an entry level position.

I have held a secret clearance for 10 years when I was in the military

This is for a TS/SSBI clearance. And other than a couple of family members that are from Mexico, no foreign contacts.

Interesting that you were granted an interim for a position as a federal employee… I thought they always waited for the final clearance before bringing people on. Good news for you though!