Lost and want to know if I am in a good or bad spot!

Hello all!

This is mostly to vent my frustration and I figure I should ask my question directly instead of just lurking, truth be told been doing it for a few years now :stuck_out_tongue:

So my timeline for my process (TS/SCI as a contractor) is currently:

  • Filled my SF86 roughly May/2016.
  • Met with initial investigator (really nice guy btw) about 6 months after that. lets say ~Sep/2016.
  • All my contacts and such got contacted and all goes fine far as I know.
  • Paperwork was “lost” so got put back in the system somewhere in ~April/2017
  • Got my contacts contacted again, and following a Poly(which I had to do twice) passed in Jan/2018 far as I understood (quite a long process in itself)
    *Then I have been sitting in adjudication ever since.

I have good credit(new college grad), nothing bad on any records, and never did anything crazy, so just getting paranoid about how long this process is and is the end in sight?

I have been told to look for the good sign of credit being pulled by some odd agency and sure enough when I check my credit at the beginning of this year 2019. I see around March/2018 and Sep/2018 some weird company in Mclean,Va pulled my credit twice that year.

I called in and get told that its part of the DOJ for employment so I get excited but now after the excitement fades again I am sitting wondering will my paperwork get “lost” again, or am I getting near the end.

If anyone has any hint of if I am in a good state or should I contact my Contractor again(I feel bad because I bother her almost every 4-5 months), or be worried, or get anything ready incase it can help my process should it get lost again I would really appreciate it!

Thanks rant over sanity restored, I think I just had to write it out to get it off my chest.