Credit Freeze on an SF-85P investigation

I am currently undergoing a background investigation for a summer internship, and filling out the e-QIP forms for an SF-85P, moderate-risk, public trust position.

I had my identity stolen a few months ago where someone opened a line of credit in my name and accrued a small amount of debt, but I’ve resolved everything since then. Yet, I’ve had to freeze my credit in case the perpetrator still has access to my info. Obviously, the NACLC will have to bypass the freeze to see my credit report. Should I unfreeze my credit now and leave myself vulnerable? Or will the investigator contact me and coordinate with me on when I should lift the freeze, and when I can restore it?

Whoever runs the credit report on you (not the investigator) might ask you to unfreeze your credit.

It’s a soft pull and can still get pulled frozen. You don’t need to do anything.