What to do about the Equifax breach?

So as we all know we all have been affected in some regard by this data breach. A lot our PII has been compromised and we are left with the idea that one of us could be negatively effected person.

I have heard some advice on what to do but obviously we are in a tricky situation since we plan on or already have an investigator on our case looking at our credit. How should we respond?

Some advice I got was Freeze your credit . What are the downsides and upsides of doing this knowing that we have someone trying to conduct an investigation? Can the investigator still get around a freeze?

Obviously we don’t want to take a risk and not do anything. After all if you are affected, forget buying a car, house, or anything else with a credit check. Then again, you can play the bad luck lottery and hope you don’t win and still have your clearance easily conducted, if your identity is still in tact.


I always advise applicants that from the time they submit the e-QIP they should unfreeze their credit for 60 days and monitor it closely. (which you should do anyway) This allows the agency to release the investigation to OPM and a credit check is usually one of the first things done on a new investigation.

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