Security Clearance and Collection Actions

I recently submitted my OPM E-QIP (SF86) for my 10 security clearance renewal and I am worried about some accounts that I had in collections. I divulged the information about the three (3) accounts on my E-QIP. 2 of the 3 are paid in full and I have documentation from the collection agencies. The third has been removed from my credit report, but I have no idea where it originally came from. I only noticed it during a scrub of my credit report and it only shows a an alert, but never shows on my actual report. My current report shows no accounts in collections/collection actions. I have attempted to contact the collection agency “West Bay Acquisitions LLC” and it appears to be closed. I dug around online and there are a ton of complaints about the agency filing false collection actions. No one answers the number provided, nor do they return messages. I have 3-Bureau credit reports and other than the notification (status update/alert) this action does not show anywhere. I spoke with a credit report agent that stated the action could have been entered in error, it was truly fraudulent, or that the collection debt was satisfied. My current credit report (pulled 2/23/18) shows 0 accounts in collection status. Should I be worried about this or the other 2 that I have records for?

A few minor collections that have been paid are not an issue, especially if you diligently disclosed them. No need to worry.

Thanks Marko. I figured it would be no big deal, the most recent one was paid in full nearly 3 years ago. The whole renewal process is just so nerve-wrecking, I supposed I should stay off the internet and quit reading so deep into it.