SF 85P and Missed collection

I filled out the SF 85 P and released it to the agency. Five collection items where included on the form that had been fully paid. Four of the collections were in 2017 and one in Jan. 2021. I had checked my bank statements, experian credit report and emails to obtain details about these items.

On second thought, l later checked my credit report from all three credit reporting agencies and I noticed I had missed a collection item that had been fully satisfied on my Transunion report in 2019 for $177. The only reporting agency that reflects this collection. So, in all, there are a total of 6 fully paid collections on my record.

I have been working at a federal agency for over 5 years. I am current on all my bills. I intend to send an email to the Personnel specialist that has been provided as my contact with this new discovery.


  1. Will it be better to speak to the investigator directly during my interview or will it be better to send an email to the security personnel now or should I do both?
  2. Will any/all of these collections that are on my record lead to me being denied?
  3. What is generally the timeline for completion of this? I submitted or released the form yesterday to the agency.

Any responses will help.

Thank you.

Please, can someone (KORF23, Marko or any of the additional experts in the forum) help me with my post?

Thank you in advance. I am worried.

If you do not have any current delinquent debts these wil not be an issue, you can explain to the investigator that you unintentionally forgot to list one of the debts. There is nothing to be worried about.

Oh! Thank you. I appreciate your assistance Marko.