SF-85P and Collections

Seeking SF-85P moderate risk clearance. A collection account disappeared from credit reports, original creditor files, and collections agencies with no further information to find out how to pay/where it went. How to proceed?

I owned one collection in my credit file between 2018-2020 that I had not made any payments on, and disputed because the amount seemed too high. The debt amount was lowered, and then disappeared from my report over a year ago. It is no longer in my file at all, but I don’t think it was disputed to the point that it could be completely resolved/removed without payment. It isn’t in any of my 3 credit reports, it isn’t listed as having any late payment, not as a charge-off, nothing. It isn’t there.

I wanted to try to make a payment plan or pay it off in full before I submit my eQIP by Thursday. However, there’s no information on where the debt went to resolve it.

I called the original creditor, who said that they had no record of the account anymore. I asked if they have a contact who it could’ve been sold to, and they said no because it had been over two years.

Called a collection company I saw on some other old letter I received about it, asked them for information on the debt and they said they couldn’t find anything in their system at all after having been on the phone for about 35 minutes.

Called one other collections agency I saved a letter from and they said they also could not find any record of it in their system anymore. That was the last correspondence I had about it.

My question is how am I to proceed with listing how it is currently being resolved if I can’t find where the debt went to start a payment plan? The debt was about $900 and the only collection I’ve ever had (of my knowledge). Everything else on my report is clear, no late payments on anything ever, no charge-off accounts, and the only other debt I have is from $15k in federal student loans that are in good standing and deferred until November (because I graduated this May).

I plan on including the collection on my eQIP, but I would appreciate any advice on how to proceed. Thanks!

List it exactly as you have done here, that way if it does pop on the credit report pulled for the background investigation you are covered. One collection is nothing to worry about.