SF-85F - completed but then had to change answer

Hi I am hoping to get confirmation that Im okay on how I fixed this issue or hoping to get advice about how to fix this.

I completed my SF-85 going over all my answers and disclosed delinquency on my student accounts which I explained and and I have since paid in full. But that is not the issue. What I did to make sure I was being correct in my answers is I pulled my credit reports which did reflect this. Problem is I forgot because I was going by my credit report that I had payments on a small credit card that also went delinquent and to a debt collector. I paid this and because it did not show on my credit reports I didn’t even remember when completing my SF-85. So I completed the security questionnaire without this. But between that time and releasing it I recalled this additional finance issue. You see filling out this form has made me so paranoid about double checking that I started going through and printing proof of payment info from my bank account and thats is how I stumbled on these payments I made for this credit card. I actually didn’t even realize this company was not part of credit card company, in fact I still have a credit card with this company. (I even called this company and learned why it was not in my report - something about deleting a trade line.)

So the problem is I needed to go back and fix an answer before releasing the submission but after completing the Sf-85. I contacted my security office POC to see if they could revert this and open it so I could correct that but no answer and I had to submit by today. So what I did was include a statement to amend my SF-85 and attached that and explained the answer should be yes and issue and signed it. And then released my E-qip. I figured its better to submit on time and explain fully how I would have explained in my SF-85. But now I’m worried.

Maybe some of y’all will say you will get denied for having these finance issues or not following the instruction. I’m not perfect and I had already checked the application 7 times alone before submitting. Literally had I not started to go through my bank account in old statements I wouldn’t have caught this thing I didn’t realize I failed to answer “yes” to.

TIA for any guidance.

The SF85 does not ask about financials, the accompanying OF306 does and it only asks about fedeal debt or taxes, not credit cards. If what you wrote is true then nothing ro worry about.

Better check to see if your SF-85 is missing a couple pages Marko. Section 24 of the 2017 SF-85p has essentially the same financial questions as the SF-86 to include questions pertaining to credit card debt.

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Happens all the time. Just volunteer the info to
the investigator if you have an interview and explain what happened. Shouldn’t be a big deal at all.


As I stated, the SF85 does not ask about financials, which is what the OP said was the form. Obviously if he filled out the SF85P then it asks. They are two different forms.

Based on the OP stating they provided some but not all financial information would support the SF-85p version.

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SF85 does not have a financial section, so no financial questions.

Most Tier 1 cases do not have a credit check.

I used deductive reasoning to come up with the same conclusion :man_shrugging:


Apologies everyone it was and SF-85P and position of trust. I believe it is tier 4 because it requires a background interview. My security office POC did get back to me and agreed to include the attachment. I have been trying to reply but have been waiting for approval or I would have cleared this up a while ago.