Received a letter about $75 in collections during adjudication.

Here’s my situation.

I did all of my clearance stuff, did everything I was told, submitted with my investigator, did the interview, and am now waiting for adjudication. Two days ago, I receive a letter that I have $75 in collections from a vaccine I was required to take for a job like a year ago and they want payment. Christ almighty. This was completely out of the blue and I genuinely had no idea this money even existed.

Of course I paid it off and now it’s all settled, but on my questionnaire I wrote that I had no debt in collections (which I honestly thought to be true) but now come to find out that $75 was around during that time. How bad is this? On one end I’m thinking that $75 isn’t disqualifying and people make mistakes, but on the other I’m thinking that they may think I’m trying to lie. Thoughts?

You’re fine. Just keep documentation showing you paid it if it ever comes up again.


These piddly things show up on credit reports ALLLLLLL the time. Very common non issue.