Collections and security clearance

Will collections percent me from renewing my secret clearance, about 5000 worth?

Maybe? What are you doing about them? What caused them you to fall behind? When is your next investigation?

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Why did it happen? When did it happen? What are you doing about them? How will you prevent then from happening again?

My reinvestigation started in May, I’m currently paying them off besace I’m trying to buy a home also, I got them from a divorce, and apartment collection because when we split I had to leave and left the place to her, she decided to break the lease

My divorce, I had to leave the apartment with her when we decided to split. She broke the lease, not evicted but do owe a apartment collection in both our name, it’s currently being paid off

If you are dealing with the issues, you should be OK. Stuff happens to all of us, I’m going through some of the same things that you are.

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I too experienced a surprise divorce. Nobody was as surprised as I was. Almost had my “our” house paid off too. Now I owe more than I originally signed for 15 years ago. Life happens. How you respond determines what happens. I kept up the payments and in communication with the debt holders. My credit did get pulled down to a 670 (that is what exposed all kinds of misdeeds on my ex’s part) but rebounded to 840 last peek. Keep paying, stay in constant written contact with anyone who claims you owe them money. You should be okay.

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