Credit issues!


I’m prior service army and wanting to get back in. I’ve already started the process but I have to fill out a security clearance packet. I’ve had a TS before when I was a uav operator but that was 4 years ago. My credit got messed up from my divorce. My ex husband let his gf charge a bunch of stuff to my credit and I haven’t resolved it. my current husband and i recently moved from CA to TN because we were getting into debt and needed to get ahead. My husband got fired and neither of us could find work in our hometown so we moved to get ahead. We’ve only been here for 3 months and haven’t gotten ahead enough to pay off some of our debts. Will the numerous debts affect my SC? i plan on paying them off when we get ahead but haven’t caught a break since then…


The answer is yes. Although there are circumstances beyond your control, until you take positive steps towards resolving (not paying it off, but initiating plans to pay it) the debts it will most likely prevent you from getting cleared.


Some are medical bills from my child, a repo that happened during my last deployment because my ex husband used his POA to cancel the payments and spend the money on his gf. I have a letter in my divorce papers that pinpoint debts that are his fault. There are a few that I’ve recently payed off but I don’t know if that will be enough. the rest are 5-6 years old and are about to be removed from my credit


You had credit problems 5-6 years ago that are still not resolved AND you had a TS clearance 4 years ago? Did you report these problems back then? It sounds like you have a past and present pattern of financial issues that are not resolved, which is definitely an issue.