Financial Concern with TS

I currently have a TS Interim and am waiting for my final TS. I just got a call for my initial interview. I have some old accts in collections, majority medical bills that I am supposed to split with my ex for our son. I should’ve just paid them myself instead of waiting on coming to terms with him. Anyways, I have not been late on rent or any lines of credit in the last 2 years or so. And nothing sent to collections for a while. I have my bank acct proof to show I pay rent every month and I have paid off some collection accts. Do I have any shot of getting my TS? I feel like I can really show that I’ve been on the right track, it’s just past things still haunting me. Does the investigator care about hearing why I was in hardship?

They will be interested in hearing all the facts and you will have a chance to demonstrate that you are doing your best to resolve the debts in a responsible manner. I think that the other accounts you have paid off are in your favor. I dont know how these things work… do you have any letters, like from the court or a lawyer, showing that you are trying to work out the bills with the ex? I think anything like that will help to mitigate any concern about the medical bills.

I think medical debts are a little different… its not like you ran out and bought a lot of stuff you cant afford on a credit card. Hopefully the adjudicators will look at it the same way.