TS upgrade questions

I am in the process of submitting a SF 86 for a TS in the IC. I have a questions as to my chances of receiving the upgrade.

A few years ago I ran into financial problems, which took me a few years to fix. I had some late payments and one credit card charge off, which I paid.

I was able to catch up Jul 2016 but literally a month later lost my job. I ended up working only for two months after losing job in Jul, until finding a job in March.

Now I have caught back up on all of my bills minus one. Which is I owe the IRS $2200, which I am making payments on.

What are my chances of attaining a TS?

I think your chances are good since you are making payments and you have a good track record of resolving debts. There may be a question about the reasons for your IRS debt (which you don’t need to go into for the likes of us :wink:) so be sure to have all documentation on hand including evidence of your payment plan.

Somebody else on here said they had to show three months of making payments on debts. Not sure if this will apply in your case.

So many people get into trouble with their clearance due to financial problems but I think in most cases, those folks are not making sufficient progress on paying off debts or don’t seem to feel they need to pay off certain debts. Not all cases fall into these categories, but I think you stand a pretty good chance of getting the TS. May take a little longer but everything is taking longer.

Don’t be like the guy who told a foreign intel agent that he wanted to sell some classified info in order to pay off debts in order to qualify for a higher clearance… except the foreign agent was really an FBI agent.


Update on my clearance. The investigators hasinterviewed everyone to include myself. He submitted paperwork 26 Jan , upon submittal hewas requesting a rushsince i willleave the country very shortl.He stated that he should have any questions which they may have should be returned by. Wednesday of this week. At which time i will give him the answer and that would be all required on my end unless something more came about down the line. I mustsaythispart moved pretty quickly. I just hope the fast track continues. Btw…I had an outstanding school bill i was not aware of that I was told ineeded to pay , which idid.