I have a bad credit, can still qualify for top secret/sci clearance?

About a year ago I faced financial difficulties. It was due to lack of work or projects with a company I was working with. My car engine broke. I couldn’t fix it. My car was repossessed volunterily. The amount of the debt was $7500.
but now it is $6900. I already set a payment plan with the creditor. Iam paying $150 monthly.

Other financial debts are the following:

1- three credit cards charge off. Their balances are fully paid off.

2- car tax collection account $329. It was fully paid.

Can I still qualify for top secret/sci clearance? I would really appreciate answers.

Based on what you provided the past financial issues can be mitigated as long as you continue to pay the remaining debt and there is no recurring pattern.

Thank you so much for the reply Mr Marko.
Another question. Will I be able to obtain interim immediately, or I have to wait for the final one?

Depends on the agency and their criteria, but very rarely do agencies grant an interim TS unless there is a urgent need.

I have a debt that I have carried since 2005. Payments have been deducted from my taxes annually and it whittles down. I haven’t made much money these last few years and have been content to handle it in this way but now I have an opportunity to get a job that requires a security clearance. How bad is this?

It sounds like the IRS is involuntarily garnishing any tax return you may have been eligible for and applying it towards a debt owed by you because you have not taken the initiative to resolve it on your own. This is an issue that you will most likely have to explain, but in and of itself is not disqualifying as long as no pattern of financial responsibility exists concerning other delinquent debts.