Credit issue

I just accepted a new job where I am required to get a secret security clearance. In the past I’ve had some late payments. I think about 4 years ago I had 2 or 3 that were 60 days late…and 2 years ago several that were 30 days late…I’ve had NONE late for the past year. No charge offs, repo or bankruptcy…I do however have a pretty good bit of debt…Will any of this keep me from getting a secret clearance?

No, not really. But, I do have some advice: Pay your bills!! Stop living beyond your means. Grow up.

Your previous instances of financial delinquencies will not be an issue if, as you say, they are all resolved and current. If there are any similar instances of financial irresponsibility going forward it will become an issue that could impact a clearance. I would also examine your financial portfolio to see about getting rid of some debt, because it sounds like you may be in trouble should you hit an unexpected life event or emergency.