Secret Clearance financial concerns

In short I have accepted a position that requires a Secret clearance. I fell through on my financial obligations 6-7 yrs ago. I could not find stable work at the time thus could not maintain my payments. I have a 120 days late remark on student loans. This has been brought current and I have made payments on time for the last 3yrs. I also have a settled for less remark on a personal loan from 6yrs ago. I also cosigned on a loan for a family member who defaulted and it went to collections. My credit was at a 700 until that happened which caused my score to drop to 640. I have set up a payment plan with the collection agency. In the last 3yrs I have not missed a payment or defaulted on any loans or credit I have including the student loans except for the one I cosigned on. I have been very concerned because of these issues that my app will be denied. Any advice would be greatly appreciated

If you are current on everything for the last two or three years, you will be just fine. When you fill out your SF86, just follow the instructions and answer the questions that are asked. You may have to provide some documentation and answer some additional questions but you shouldn’t have a problem getting cleared.