Paid Debt Am I ok?

I am currently a Federal Contractor working in the same position for the past 7 years and I have a Confidential Clearance SF-85. My organization now wants to bump everyone up to Secret SF86.
I have no criminal record.
I cannot think of anyone that would give me a bad reference.
I however do have a $350 cell phone collection on my credit report that I paid off 5 years ago.
I have a Judgement against me from a major creidt card that did a charge off on me for $17k that is listed on the report. I paid this judgment and it is marked as paid. I actually paid $5K to settle it 3 years ago, but it is paid.
I also paid $5K to settle another major credit card that a collection agency threatened to sue me for unless I paid. This has since dropped off my credit report.
Question. Since I have paid and are now square with everyone and the only debt I have is my mortgagae with NO missed payments for 10 years and I am clean on the criminal side of things. How do my chances look to get approved for Secret?

There should be no issue as long as there are no current delinquencies and you answer honestly and disclose all required information on the SF-86.