Secrecy clearance w 630-650 score?

I’m currently under consideration for a job however my secret clearance expires in a few months so the offer is contingent upon my ability to get my 10 year clearance review passed. I have about 15 in credit card debt… all on one card being paid down diligently and have a 650 score with no missed payments ever and zero derogatory remarks. Should I be worried about denial? I had a rough patch last year but normally sit around 7-750 score wise. Thanks for the input everyone.

No . . . I don’t think that you have anything to worry about with no missed payments. You should be just fine.

As long as you’re able to answer ‘no’ to all of the financial questions on the SF86 you should have 0 problems. If you’ve got debts, you’re average.

I believe the only way CC or unsecured debt would be a problem is if you didn’t have income, or had an exorbitant amount coupled with a wild debt to income ratio (think 100k+) without an explanation or a way of paying it off.