Cl interview timeline & interim clearance

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I have submitted my SF86 by end of June 2017, and It has been three weeks and nothing about date of the CI interview? does it impact negatively on my interim clearance chances if I have delinquent debts but I am solving it ?

It appears that a person has to have a squeaky clean package to be considered for an interim these days, so anything that deviates from that reduces a person’s chances of getting an interim. Also keep in mind that the number one reason security clearances are denied is financial responsibility.

So I’m afraid that these debts will impact negatively… but if you can show that you have them under control and are paying them off, then you should be able to get the final clearance.

I concur with sbusquirrel. I also want to mention that the number one thing that is frowned upon is repeat behavior. An isolated event is probably no big deal compared to multiple occurrences of the same behavior, especially over a short period of time. They judge your past behavior to determine how you will probably behave in the future.

Yes, the debts are under control. I will pay it off by end of this year though.

Just wanted to add one more thing, since finances came up on my clearance as well. Make sure you check all 3 major credit reporting agenices and address everything that has ever been delinquent or sent to collections. They will find it, the more truthful you are in the beginning, the quicker your process will be and the higher chance of getting final clearance. Best of luck to you.

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Thanks alot for the tips.

The idea here is moving unaddressed debt to addressed debt. We all have debt. But you must be in a repayment plan for each debt. Technically the SF86 is set up so that any “Yes” answer on the financial page requires explanation on the next where you explain your repayment plan. You do not want any unaddressed debt. Call, negotiate, work out a minimum payment, and make it happen. If you send in a payment and wait for it to process and have the ability to send another, and another spaced about 10 days apart, you can show a tend of making payments. My experience shows it takes about 3 to 4 before you get a good bump in payment score. 650 is fair credit. 630 has dings, below 600 and you have a radioactive something on there burning a hole in the score. It could be as simple as owing the cable company $5 when you switched to a new company. They have a tendency to not write it off and keep it showing as money owed.

What she said , good stuff here. Thanks Amber. :slight_smile: