Having settled accounts but still on credit report

My question is. I have been settling my unpaid debt and still awaiting for them to drop off. I am about to go through the interim clearance process. I still have two debts that are on payment plans. How would I best explain this on eqip form

There is a difference between “unpaid” and “delinquent” debts, and only delinquent need be reported. If you are on a payment plan and can prove it you have nothing to worry about. If it was in a delinquent status within the scope of the questions asked then list it along with the fact you are on a plan.

Okay i do have the letters to prove that some of them are settled and others are on a payment plan. Would they need the proof right away. As i am overseas and don’t have access to them currently. What is the best Solutionfor this? So i can get the Interim and not be denied

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Provide as much detail as possible on the form and obtain proof to add as an attachment for your security manager.

Ok I will do just that when it comes time for me to fill out the SF86 and let the security manager know the issue at hand

I am in the military and my unit is requesting a TS upgrade from secret. Since my last SF86, I have an account settled for less than agreed and paid. Unfortunately it was only 6 years ago. Do I need to disclose this on the SF86.