Okay I just got sent a debt i didnt mention

So i been tryna raise my credit score, so disputed everything on my credit score and it turn around dropped my score 27 points (this sh*t is confusing) newayz navy fed sent me some paper today about a debt thats not on my fico score or credit karma score, so i didnt put it on my eqip. They will let me settle out for lump payment but what about my eqip/investigation, its been two weeks since i turned in my eqip, i talk to my company today he said it takes 2-6 months to hear back about interim clearance. if i get rid of this debt will i be good ?

Ok and lets say I got the debts cleared all before the investigation ends will that help even tho I didn’t disclose?

And lets say I did get denied because of it can I appeal ?

The fact that you didn’t disclose the debt is only a significant problem if you knew about the debt and purposely left it off of your SF86. Your best bet is to settle the debt, gather documentation about it, include the explaination for why you were unaware of it two weeks ago, the payment arraingments and the proof that it has been paid off.

When you meet with your investigator (either in person or by phone) be up front and explain the situation before they ask you about it. (Actualy, if you have good written documentatoin about it, it won’t matter if they somehow ask you first because you can show that you were prepared to self-report.)

You can always (almost) appeal a denial but nothing that you describe here should result in a denial.

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