Federal debt and Background

Hello, question

I’ve accepted a job completed equip and Sf85p, and was offered a job with start date. Meanwhile I was also undergoing medical discharge from the Air Force reserve. After I completed my equip. I called to check on when I would be discharged. I was told I was discharged, so I checked all of my récords ( i still have access since I’m employed rheuough the Air Force as a Civilian). I checked my les and low and behold I have a sgli debt frik when I went in no pay no points. This isn’t right as I signed to stop it but the my unit is set up they didn’t do it correct and caused overpayment. Well I called my unit and AFRC was told they couldn’t r do anything that I had to hVe a cms case started to determine if I owed the debt. So I called and told them they needed to start a case. I was also told that I would also have to wait until Dfas picked up the debt. I called Dfas and they don’t have anything under my social for a debt. Now I’m sitting here about to start a job and I don’t know if I’m going to be fired because of a misunderstanding. No it wasn’t mentioned on my 306 or equip. Because I wasn’t aware. And now that I am what should I do. It’s not on my credit report and according to Dfas it will not because they will need to contact me first before I can pay. I’m lost and wondering if I should just call the security manager and tell them or wait until I’m contacted about the debt. Which honestly there shouldn’t be one.

My two cents . . . If you are pretty sure that you don’t owe the debt, I would wait until you are actually contacted before reaching out to your security manager. The problem will most likely end being worked out/corrected before any action is taken.


Welp looks like there’s a debt. I’m rectifying it immediately and I’m now I’m lost in if I should just contact the SM. I’m sure they’re going to think I was lying and recind the offer.

People make mistakes every day. They are used to it. The key here is that you took action BEFORE you were confronted with the issue by an investigator or adjudicator.

You will be fine.

Put the debt into dispute. It is held in abeyance until investigated. If deemed legit…you pay. But were honest and forthright. Just because the feds say you owe it…does not make it so. The AF has plenty of stories about screwing up pay. However, you are responsible for reading the LES. As a side note, Aim High…28 years in Air Force, 8 more in a different capacity. Or is it "Air Power! now…Huah was deemed too Army…

ok so I called Dfas they don’t show a debt yet. I called milpay they see the debt. I asked both if this is considered a delinquent debt and they both said no. My thing is I don’t want to be fired from a job because they think I lied. But I don’t k ow how they look at stuff. I asked if I should file a case and pay anyway and he the guy from Millay told me that’s an option.

Thanks for the reply

Challenge it when it appears. conduct due diligence, get email verification you are challenging it. If your overall credit is good, one bad mark is just that. Even with an 800 plus I occasionally get something in collection that I was never billed for. Just address it if and when it shows up. The military will at times try to collect a debt before you leave the service.But it is a last ditch effort. If they cleared you during final out processing…you were cleared.

That’s the thing I never outproccesed. I had to call and check up on my discharge, my unit never contacted me. I had to contact them. It’s not to the point that it would be reported on my credit. I’m not letting it get that far. I’ll just ask for them to reimburse me. Thanks amber bunny for the advise.

If it isn’t on a credit report it is fairly safe to assume it doesn’t exist as a formal debt. That doesn’t mean it isn’t out there somewhere. But to remain reasonable you need know of this debt. If you check finances and it doesn’t show up …I would not worry unless and until it did.