Air Force Security Clearance question

I have two questions
I’m currently a 23 year old air force reserve recruit waiting to ship out for boot camp in 24 days but while filling out my SF86 I forgot to list two of my previous employers. The only one I listed is the one I currently working and been working there for 7 years. The other jobs was temporary 2nd jobs that I worked at for only a short amount of time (est 2-4 months). I was NOT fired from these jobs, I volunteer left due to the stress of having two jobs, so I have nothing to hide, I honestly just forgot. My question is because I forgot to list those previous employers will that hinder my security clearance and what should I do. BTW, it’s not a top secret job just a regular security clearance job.

Secondly, while filling out my SF86 when I came to the finance part of the packet I only put down a $100 bill from the hospital that got sent to collection in 2013, BUT I’m now finding out about a $214 collection bill from TD Bank on account that I had closed. I’m right now in process of getting in contact with the collection agency. My credit score is in the high 600 and is consider “Fair”. I have NO credit cards, No loans, and no bankruptcy. Just those 2 collection account. Is it a problem that I only disclosed one of my collection accounts? Again I’m not trying to hide nothing I found out afterwards. What should I do and is my security clearance in jeopardy? I did a credit check report from all three credit bureau, and that all I see. Will the investigator see anything that I don’t see on my report, I just don’t want nothing else to pop up out of the blue.

AF Recruit, contact your recruiter with this information and insist that he puts you into contact with the security officer at the MEPS so you can update your SF-86 by submitting an SF-86C with this information. He may think it is nothing to worry about, but if I were you I would hold his feet to the fire and do as you ask. The fact that you voluntarily came forth with the information mitigates any concerns of possible dishonesty, and the collections themselves are nothing to worry about if you have resolved them.

Thank you for the quick response.

But what if I’m not able to in contact with my recruiter, due to them being on-leave? and secondly I have not taken care of my collections because my main income takes care of my main bills (ex: rent, lights, insurance,phone etc) which I pay all ON TIME . But I do try to make a payment when I have extra money. I really don’t want to be discharge due to a few money problems. I do try to make payments when I’m able.

Your recruiter works with and for someone, so contact them and explain your situation. Minor financial issues should not prevent you from entering training.