Unpaid charged off account


I had charged account from 2009/10 when I was in school… I didn’t have konowleg about credit history back then. After I finish school and had job in 2012, it was to let to pay since already passed 3-4 years. I let 7 years passed to get clear from my history as friends advice me. I should have take serious action to paid off but I needed up I didn’t pay. Now I got a new job need security clearances. I donot know how to say on SF86 application about debt resolutions. 3 of them will disappear with in the next 3-5 month from my credit history …
Please help me out how to answer SF86 " you have satisfied the issue "? Quastion?
Does this affects me to get confidential level security clearances?
Help needed I am learning about credit history I think it is too late for this job may be


Full disclosure. Check your credit report first. If it shows up, report it. If it is not there…sometimes we get dates and facts wrong, then it isn’t there. But if it is…then report it. Likely it was charged off and they wrote you off. If your overall credit score is below 600…you will have a problem. You need be at least a 650 to have fair credit and decent shot at clearing. However, your score can go up or down fast by getting into a repayment plan for each creditor. Make unaddressed debt addressed debt…by paying it. If you are under a 600 FICO I highly recommend you wait to apply for any cleared position.